Rebecca began creating artwork in her childhood. She finds her artwork therapeutic but also hopes it will raise awareness about environmental issues exploring the beauty of the world and the impact technology is having on nature largely through virtual environments and digital media.  Some of Rebecca's artwork also explores the beauty of g-d through the spiritual.  Recently she has begun linking her love for education with her practice.
At a young age Rebecca created in sculpture using mixed media.  She still creates in sculpture today using recycled paper and everyday items that people would throw away, trying to turn something ugly into something aesthetically beautiful.
Whilst at University she started experimenting with technology creating computer based artwork - everything from photography to video and there is a strong element of this in her practice to date.  She often paints with technology, recurrently creating from memory virtual landscapes in Second Life where she also has a gallery/studio that exhibits her art to date.
Recently, her practice has also started incorporating tangible crafts.
When digitally painting Rebecca uses Photoshop with a graphics pen and tablet.  An artwork will go through days, if not weeks, of development whereby she works on top of a piece.  This means she doesn't often work with a sketchbook when creating digitally but has a series of files that develop a single artwork and these images show the development of a piece as a work in progress.   


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