I create art in different media.  Recently, I am particularly interested in quilling with paper to form mosaics though I also create by digitally painting and make sculpture using French Beading techniques.  Though the media and format can differ, I am particularly interested in how art is affecting our environments.  For example, a lot of my quilled mosaics focus on the teaching environment, combining carefully chosen titles for the artworks with imagery from colouring books and childhood.  Another example is through my digitally painting which often explore how the real world and the virtual world of technology are intermingling.  I am also interested in Judaism in the home, so I started adding Jewish symbols into my art.  An example is the Hamsa, a hand that is protective emblem.  My art studio in Second Life shows a mixture of my artwork and further blurs the lines of real life and virtual worlds whilst also aiming to create a healing, therapeutic environment to view art.  I guess the question I am tackling is “What is art in today’s environments?”

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